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Re: What is your Favorite CPU and Why ?

They K6-2+ will always be my favorite. In the spring of 2001 I read Oldie Tuning and realized that I could affordably (I was very broke) upgrade from the Biostar MB8500TVX with a 200 MHz IDT Winchip to a P55T2P4 with a K6-2+ @500 MHz. So I did, and was very pleased with the result.

Re: Geforce256 DDR, PIII 933 and XP - best drivers

Hi all, I’m a bit confused as to which drivers will be fastest for a Geforce256 DDR in my PIII 933 Windows XP machine. There are so many drivers out there it’s hard to know which one will give me the best performance as I recall some later ones really dented speed. Is there a definitively best and …

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