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Re: a good motherboard/CPU for windows XP

in Milliways
478 p4 is always a good option for a xp box. Depending on your needs you can get anywhere from a 2.0ghz NorthWood to a 3.4ghz Prescott with an abundance of agp options and such. There is a place in Seattle that sells complete p4 rigs for $25 a piece! (just an example of how cheap Pentium 4's are …

Re: Slot 1 Intel 440Bx Build

I have that same board and it is amazingly stable That is one of the best BX boards that anyone could want. Picked it up for $15 2 years ago with a 266mhz p2 :D threw in a 450mhz p3, windows 98se with mem and usb tweaks, 1gb of pc133 (because I could :p) and a geforce2 64mb. Gave it to my best …

Re: Storytime

I managed to plug an atx powersupply backwards into my favorite gigabyte bx slot1 board. Hot summer day, tired, and it plugged in to easily to be anything but correct (or so I thought) tried for 2 hours to trouble shoot what was wrong after discovering that. Ended up blowing the power supply but …

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