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Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
Does the Titan post? Because if it's working you should be able to find a dead one with a intact HSF on Evilbay. Worse case you have a second complete card that maybe will fair better to attempted efforts to revive it.

Re: Bethesda Launcher shutting down

in Milliways
I might actually reinstall Fallout 76 🤣. Horrible game, but last time I played it was before NPC's existed and stash size limits made it impossible to keep enough scrap to even keep 1 weapon functioning.

Re: Last PCI video card with AGP gpu?

Just a note it seems like 256mb 6200 cards appear to be compatible with older drivers than the later gen 512mb+ chips. Also really early cards can be unlocked to a Geforce 6600 apparently. Edit: A2 chips are unlockable and A4 chips are hardware locked.

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