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Re: Matrox card questions

Matrox started out as a company delivering niche products for professional use, rather than as a consumer brand. It was simply due to the fact that with the release of the Millennium, they suddenly had a card that was great for all-round use (their older cards had a very slow VGA core) and so a lot …

Re: Advice about retro speakers

Just thought I'd add that I've acquired a set of the original Cambridge SoundWorks PC Works 2.1 speakers, that was released shortly after Creative's takeover of Cambridge SoundWorks. These sound fantastic even today. I remember hearing them in a store back in the late 90's, and being blown away by …

Re: Supersocket 7 (MVP3) and AGP video

For whatever it's worth, I remember installing a Matrox driver for the G200 that added support for multiple desktops (as often seen on Unix GUIs). That was on Windows 2000 though, no idea if they did that under Win9x. That was a very long time ago. Much more recently I installed a driver for a G400 …

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