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Re: My cool at system, help D:

I would imagine that the AWE64 is probably more compatible with older games. I certainly had no problem using AWE64 with DOS games back in the days. But that being said, if you already have the Guillemot Maxi Sound 64, I'd say try it out. It's a much more unusual card, and as such may be "cooler" …

Re: Favorite old OS

IBM OS/2 Warp 3.0 was my OS of choice back in the days. For gaming I would often boot in pure dos mode, but for desktop use, OS/2 was SO much better than Windows 3.x and Windows 95. It wasn't until games moved over to mainly being Win9x based that I had to ditch OS/2. I hope I still have the discs …

Re: Options you change in games

in Milliways
A couple of years back, I would've said that I make sure to turn up all the graphics options to max. Now, well, it's more a case of finding a balance between quality and playability. Funny how my PC that used to be a monster 3-4 years ago, now is more like an old lion. It can roar when it feels like …

Re: What year/era cd-rom/soundcard became standard on machines?

in Milliways
It is probably the opposite here in post-communist parts of Europe, because of the economy. The positive side effect was that much great 8-bit and 16-bit software was programmed here, especially in Poland, that kept many of these machines going long after Atari/Commodore abandoned them. Also, some …

Re: What year/era cd-rom/soundcard became standard on machines?

in Milliways
I think the US generally have been a bit behind parts of Europe in getting into the new trends. I remember lots of people in the US still running analogue modems when most people here had moved on to ADSL. In Norway, I think CD-ROM pretty much became mainstream around '92-'93. I remember getting a …

Re: My impressive 286 system!

What I find totally crazy are these people selling a few CPU's for hundreds of pounds for "gold recovery". Surely with the cost of recovering the gold, the value of even a bucket of CPU's can't really be that much. They are all scammers in my book. Should be a price on their heads, especially the …

Re: Introduction: Pentium build

Sounds like that's going to be a nice system. I used to have a Pentium 120 back in the days. Blew one of my friends away when he saw Duke3D running on it (he thought I was still sporting my old 486sx33). All in all I think it's a great cpu for old dos games. Grats on a nice system. 😀

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