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CMS upgrade on an ATI VGA stereo FX board

Hi there. I have this card here which i believe empty sockets at U20 and U21 are for CMS chips upgrade. https://www.vgamuseum.info/images/pirx/ati/032_ati_05a_vgastereo_fx.jpg I have bought these CMS chips. https://i.ibb.co/s1Bq9f5/IMG-9337.jpg Could someone tell me which one i should plug in which …

Re: Trackstar: Apple II clone on ISA card - new website up

in Milliways
Thanks for this. I’m about to finally use the Trackstar board I received 10 years ago from the USA. I needed for that to have my Amiga 2000 up and running with a PC bridgeboard (indeed I have no dos pc but only my big box Amiga 4000 and 2000 with bridgeboards and Isa cards - I can’t use the …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

I have a particular ISA sound card that is extremely noisy. Adding a ground loop isolator to the speaker out cable silenced the noise completely. Yes, in my case the ground loop noise was between the output of the Roland MT32 and the line in of the soundcard, as i understood after i have tried all …

Re: Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (Serrated Scalpel) music issue in dos

in DOS
This game seems very finicky about the sound setup. I have tried to setup the game with several soundcards and MT32, including Vibra16 CQM, MK8330 and Audician32. No way to have music with the Vibra16 or Vibra16+MT32 but sound works, no way to have anything with Audician32, MT32 only works with …

Re: Yamaha Audician 32 Plus card

in SoftMPU
Hi. Seems the Audician should use IRQ2/9 with SOFTMPU according to the documentation, but i don't know myself how to do that without breaking SB compatibility (IRQ5/7). This board uses the same IRQ for FM and MPU so it seems.

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