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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

Hi. Is the PCB design of the ORPHEUS 2LT final? I have noticed the board is a bit longer than the 16 bits ISA connector unlike the MK8330 and the Orpheus I. That is a problem for those who would like to use this card in an Amiga, where ISA slots are inline with ZORRO slots separeted by less than 1 …

Re: SoftMPU project needs your help! (game & sound card testing)

in SoftMPU
Hi there. Sorry i'm new to SoftMPU. I would like to know if there is an older version that could work with MSDOS5 and EMM386 v4.44. I'm trying to use SoftMPU to output midi music from PCTask 4.4, PC 486 emulator for Amiga which has no sound card emulation apart from pc biper but can use the COM port …

Re: this capacitor blew up and almost killed me. why am i not dead? more importantly, why isn't the motherboard dead?

Yes those tantalum caps can litteraly explode when they are shorted out, it happend to me recently. Chances are the ISA slots and everything else still work because caps are only for regulation, but the computer might be instable. Better change the others before they blow out too. That is probably a …

Roland SC55 MIDI Thru

Hello there. I have added a new element to my midi chain with a Korg X5DR. I want to run it after the Roland SC55. I am surprised to see that MIDI THRU of the SC55 passes data to MIDI IN of the X5DR from the MIDI IN 1 of the SC55 (the port at the back) but not from MIDI IN 2 (the port at the front). …

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