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Re: Basilisk II

I dunno, I've been having problems even getting HQX files to extract so I could try running things. I'm only using system 7.5.3, but I mean, BinHex files are an OLD Mac format. (What am I doing wrong??)


in PC Emulation
Was one of these wrappers GliDOS, or is GliDOS not an actual 3Dfx wrapper at all but just something to route Glide in DOS games to Windows Glide drivers?

Re: VDMSound forum to OGoNS?

in Milliways
Well, of course. I just think it'd be helpful for him if he had this to put everything in perspective (ie, how many people actually want it versus those that don't.) As another upside to moving it here, it'd have an entirely separate category from OGoNS, so it could have MULTIPLE forums.

VDMSound forum to OGoNS?

in Milliways
I know that there is a lot of dissent about using the Bravenet forum and about how it insists on deleting posts after a short time period. As such, I'm making this poll to see how many people would like to see the VDMSound forum come here.

Slow DOS game/music performance

in DOS
Original written by Vlad: Slow DOS game performance and/or music Some games will run slower under Windows 9x/NT/2k than they do in DOS. This is caused by the way Windows emulates the timer interrupt. Cause 1 - Idle sensitivity. SYMPTOMS: This will cause your game to run at normal spped for a while, …

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