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Nihilanth can be killed quickly. There is a easy way to do this. 😎 Black Mesa is still unfinished. It's a fine game, but rather overrated.


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The current Steam version of Half-Life ( doesn't support A3D and EAX. The Former version ( does, but it's only available "unofficially". :cool: You might be interested in expansion packs. The first one, Opposing Force, is really great. The second one, Blue Shift, is OK. The latter …

Re: video card for original Half-Life

in Milliways
ncmark wrote: And the "xen" and "interloper" levels towards the end - okay there is health but where is the ammo? If you don't go into those levels with a lot you are pretty much screwed. It's not that bad. The Hivehand has an infinite ammo supply. 😎

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