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Re: Diablo II + Glide wrapper: first impressions

in Milliways
When I first got Diablo II (I think it was 2001) , I played in Directdraw mode too , D3D looked better than plain software mode, but it was somewhat slow and glitchy (I remember it crashing occasionally) Glide mode running on a Voodoo3-5 is the way to go , either that or nglide.

Re: broken/faulty Voodoo2?

if you are not getting weird polygons and shapes out of nowhere and its only not loading textures properly, its probably faulty memory. I had a Riva tnt with the same problems and it was solved replacing the memory chips (Not the same card, but still...). Try with other display resolutions to see …

broken/faulty Voodoo2?

So my Voodoo2 card (Techworks branded, 12mb) seems to have suddenly stopped working properly, whenever Im running a game, all of the textures develop odd patterns. This happens with every game running on the Voodoo2 (running them on the host VGA card doesn't cause issues, and the 2D picture on the …

Re: Giving windows Vista a second chance

in Milliways
So how is Vista compared to Win 7 (with all the updates for both)? I never used Vista, jumped from XP to Windows 7 which is what I still use. from my own experience , its very much just a somewhat more bloated, and slightly buggier version of Windows7 , minus DX11 support. Win7 even kept the …

Re: Intel P6 Gen. 3 Retro System

my own Tualatin system is actually very similar to this , just with a 350w Enermax and a 15k SCSI drive as opposed to an SSD. Its basically the best Deus Ex machine you can get :P regarding WinME, it really depends on the hardware (not necessarily the capability, but other things too) , but its not …

Re: Intel P6 Gen. 1 Retro System

I know you like the P6, but the Pentium Pro was slower clock for clock than Pentium Classic with 16bit software there is truth to that, though at the end of the day, both will run games like Doom very well , even Duke3D is fine on a Pentium Pro. Meanwhile stuff like Quake ,Tomb Raider , MDK , etc …

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