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Re: How over powered are modern PCs?

at this point, i think they should just optimize gpu/cpu for Unity, which is what everything is written in now. Really the only thing pushing me to upgrade these days is frame rates. I have a 144hz 38" GSYNC ultrawide, and 3900x + 3080 with DLSS gets me a pretty smooth experience with multiplayer …

Re: How over powered are modern PCs?

I have a 3900X too. I just can't bring myself to upgrade to a 5900/5950x. What's 10-14% more performance going to do for me vs another $600-700 in my pocket? I think I'll be sitting out the next gen too. Eventually the hardware will be so crippled that it's unusable because someone somewhere …

Re: New 486 EISA + VLB build.

Needing to retire? That poor machine's lasted 30 years, if it was going to retire it would have been in the late 90s! 😉 simon_e_hall wrote on 2021-10-19, 14:28: Well, I thought it was time to start a new build, as my current 486DX EISA build is beginning to show signs of needing to retire.

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