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Dune 1 FDD and CD

in DOS
The FDD version of Dune game uses the same sound device for music and sound. Adlib music card Adlib Gold Sound Blaster (music+sound) Roland MT-32 (LAPCI Midi card) but the CD version let you to use different sound and music devices. CD version music: Adlib music card Adlib Gold Sound Blaster (=Adlib …

Re: Hired Guns and the Great Gravis Ultrasound Mystery!

in Milliways
@hum4ndr01d You get extra sound effects If you have 2MB chip RAM in the AMIGA version. I think the PC version has not got these extra sound effects!!! The mid music of the PC version is bad with all soundcards compared with the AMIGA version. This game's written on AMIGA... The PC version has ALMOST …

Re: Eternam floppy and CD versions

in DOS
About this problem I found this conversation on steam: x asked this: I can't play with subtitles. They don't appear. Someone has a solution ? y gave this answer: I have the same problem. On the store says interface, voices and subtitles in English, also three screenshots show subtitles enabled but I …

Eternam floppy and CD versions

in DOS
Is there any way to bring the Eternam floppy and CD versions together? There are no subtitles in the CD versions at all. So, it would be cool if the floppy version could use the CD version speech and other CD extras if there are any.

Re: Monkey Island 1&2: Roland MT-32 + Sound Blaster support

in DOS
I found some missing Adlib sound effects in MI2! there are NO SOUND EFFECTS WHEN GUYBRUSH KICKS IN THE HAND-RAIL AND HE FALLS INTO THE KITCHEN AND SLAMS ON THE FLOOR at the 'Bloody Lip Bar and Grill' ; there is NO SOUND EFFECT WHEN THE INNKEEPER RUNS AFTER THE ALLIGATOR in the Inn ; there is NO ( …

Re: Conqueror A.D. 1086 Help

Slow it down? Reduce the cycles. I did it almost to 0%. But at lower % somehow the game itself is slow (the movement of the mouse cursor, the scrolling of the map and the music and sound lagging) but the passing of the time (the time factor is set to 1), the enemy movement and the movement of the …

Re: Output and Render problem

in DOSBox General
DosFreak wrote: DirectDraw is most likely no longer part of their driver testing since it has been deprecated for quite some time. Thanks for your answer! I haven't known the DirectDraw had deprecated because it gives better picture (for me) than the other Graphics APIs...

Re: Output and Render problem

in DOSBox General
I partly solved this problem! If I set the in the [sdl] the output from ddraw to opengl the error disappears BUT what generates this error? Why the nvidia card can't use the ddraw settings while the ati can do it???

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