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Re: New Retrorig advice

in Milliways
Are you sure that IBM is not a Pentium II? It should according to this: http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?40334-Identifying-300GL&p=305874#post305874 I've spotted another one here in Granada, something like 'crappy and stingy minitower jewel for collectors' for 5€, no display …

Re: Recommend me a Doom wad

in Milliways
List of fav levels, mostly episodes, downloadable from http://www.doomworld.com/idgames: (updated september 2015) [spoiler]Directorio de C:\BACKUP\doom 15/04/2003 13:48 . 15/04/2003 13:48 .. 20/01/2002 20:08 4.717.182 doom.rar 25/02/2003 22:05 4.252.651 doom11.rar 23/01/2002 21:56 451.327 11_12drp. …

Re: My first pc - restoring

Your motherboard doesn't support the pentium mmx aka p55c, you need either a different processor or a different motherboard. The multiplier is configured right now at 1.5 i guess for the pentium 100 and according to the manual the board supports multipliers up to 3. ftp://ftp.fic.com.tw/motherboard/ …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

If you minimize and then maximize in no resizable window ddraw mode the emulator stops showing any output. At least you can press ALT+F to exit. By the way i can only emulate a 386DX33 at full speed on my machine (Athlon64 3500+).

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

Hi everyone. I'm also missing some roms. I'm specially interested in trident 9440AGi bios, there are several versions of this chip and i can't find it anywhere. I've downloaded several roms for sis 496/497 but i don't know the board model. Diamond stealth 32 bios would also be nice to have. @ …

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