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Re: What do you drive?

My 1990 Chevy Lumina was recently featured on Regular Car Reviews : Luminas are awesome. Reminds me of the movie Days of Thunder with tom Cruise as Cole Trickle, where he races on the street with one vs. Rowdy Burns! lol I think the stock car he raced in the movie had lumina badges on them too. …

Re: Do anybody collect other retrto stuff, not computers)

Video Game Systems and Cartridges Books Comic Books Old Radios Cassette Tapes VHS Tapes CD's DVD's Old Calculators Sony Stereo Components (but I would trade 3 of my Sony receivers for one Sansui amp like Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman's one he posted above!!!! - That's a beauty for sure) And I used to …

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