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How to output a square wave to PC speaker (SOLVED)

I wrote the following code, which is supposed to output a 60 Hz square wave to the PC speaker : org 100h loop: in al, 61h or al, 00000010b ;turn pc speaker on out 61h, al call _wait in al, 61h and al, 11111101b ;turn pc speaker off out 61h, al call _wait jmp loop _wait: mov cx, 00h mov dx, 411ah ; …

Re: Theme Park 1994 resource viewer

Is it possible to extract HMI music with this tool? No it's currently not possible. I had a quick look and it's seems game store some files with a ".HMP" extension (is it what you are looking for?). Converting these files to MIDI (so you can listen to them directly from program) seems to be fairly …

Theme Park 1994 resource viewer

Hi there, I have made a simple C# program that allow to view / extract resources of Theme Park dos game (1994 Bullfrog) Here is link to project : https://github.com/tigrouind/ThemeParkRessourceViewer It allow to view most sprites, animations, backgrounds and also sounds. Game internal files format …

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