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Re: Using a vintage multi-track recorder as a mixer, namely the Roland VS-880EX - might apply to other Roland VS- units

I figured out the behaviour 4 years ago, trying to use an SD->SATA adapter to run a linux box. Couldn't find any similar information on the web so thought I just had a dud device. Wasn't until today when I saw the adapter in my spares box and noticed it used a FC1307 chip that I realized it was the …

Re: Help with Audigy 2 Dell OEM on Windows 95 OSR 2.5

@darry I've tried the CD from the link you provided, unfortunately no luck. It looks like I won't be able to get this card going on Win 95. Any recommendations as to Win 95 compatible cards? Would SB Live! be acceptable? I have a SB0220 which is also a Dell OEM, and it also does not want to install …

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