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Re: Cirrus Logic 5320 win3.1

According to http://www.vgamuseum.info/index.php/component … logic-cl-gd5320 it is a VGA card limited to 256K RAM . The best you can expect in Windows is 640x480 in 16 colours with the included VGA driver .

Re: Early DVI Ports - Real Digital or ADC?

The pads are for external TMDS encoders from Silicon Image . AFAIK, the signal path to those encoders was digital . Later on, GPU manufacturers integrated TMDS encoders, so an external TMDS was usually no longer required . The spec sheet for one such transmitter makes no mention of an ADC, so the …

Re: YMF-71x cards (OPL3SAx) software alternative

Are you sure both line-out and speaker out work with your jumper settings ? Yes. Check the picture. I have been using this setting with my Roland SCB-55. It is a daughter board without analog inputs. Every DB works on 3D-XG. You are indeed right . I just tested it as well . If JP1 and JP2 are …

Re: AWE32 and NMI support (or lack of) on motherboard

Thank you for input, jesolo . I tried resetting CMOS and using different memory but had the same results, so I am now pretty confident it a motherboard incompatibility I actually never owned an AWE in its heyday (I was a Gravis fanboy) and wanted to experience it fully, warts and all . Luckily I …

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