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Re: Show us your inner child

in Milliways
StSam : was your job apointement was to check if the building was leaking anywhere ? yes AidanExamineer even at 11 you already totally look alike that guy on the video game box of Half Life! Where did you got those glases big boy ?

oplX emulation

in Milliways
I was never a fan of the oplX synth circuitry. But yet I wonder how it is emulated nowaday. I've saw an sid chip png pinout schematic on someone here, a german dude that have an amazing computer collection, and it's still at the phd according to it's cv. My question is how does dosbox emulate that ? …

Re: hybrid computer

in Milliways
Thanks for all those "industrial solution" but those boads cost a fortune! Actually my project changed a bit when I realised I could run the sblive into "real" dos 7 and that live players by Lada Kopecky could drive the emu10000. Took me ages to find APSLIVE driver, got an old version, but that's …

Re: Abuse (Crack dot Com) releases

in Milliways
Tetris such like Abuse used 2d tile to render the view. Doom use kind of 3d that somewhat work at places. Doom have not that honor, on my 60" screen at 320x200 it look confusing at best. Stuff like SnowBerry doom was juste awesome.

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