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Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Unfortunately, Ykhwong uses quite old munt sources which contain a number of bugs we've recently fixed. I am going to integrate newer munt code into my future releases. I was once considering to import an external mt32emu library as you recommend. However, that doesn't seem to work properly with …

Re: Windows 95 with NE2000 Drivers (help)

You can also try other builds like MB6 for the ne2000 passthrough. Have you already installed pcap library and configured the ethernet device properly? http://home.arcor.de/h-a-l-9000/ne2kstuff/db_ne2000.html DOSBox is intended only for playing DOS games and support for experimental builds is …

Large HD images (DOSBOX)

DOSBox cannot mount ISO images larger than 2GB due to some 32-bit functions (fseek/lseek/...) It is required to update the code in order to use 64bit functions that resolve the capacity limitation. It led me to create a small patch to fix the issue against the current SVN. In my experiment, I was …

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