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Re: Need an AGP card

Thanks for the input all! What's wrong with the 'bridged' Radeons? I get they would be slow compared to the PCI-e versions but I'd be upgrading from an even older card... Are they gonna be worse than my 9200? Or is it more stability/compatibility issues? Stability and compatibility, definitely. I …

Re: Need an AGP card

He also mentioned that the game needs DX 9.0c, which rules out R3xx and R4xx based cards. OP, there isn't really anything that completely fits your requirements. For NVidia you could try some sort of GF6800, but the only ones that came with 512MB were some rare Ultra variants. There's always a …

Re: Odd ebay auction

in Milliways
His link originally went to an auction for a demo by BITS. BITS was marginally (in)famous in the demoscene for churning out numerous 5-minute demos and selling them on eBay, and for being batshit insane. Frankly, I'm surprised he's still around.

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