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Flooded with old PCs

in Milliways
Hey you know that feeling/situation, when you are absolutely flooded with PC hardware and absolutely can't decide which PCs have to go to the basement/attic/whatever? I have no space in my apartment for any more PCs but still there are lying around mainboards begging to be built into some case ( …

Re: Soyo 5TE2 any good?

thanks! but i've got sooo many backup parts already.. if this isn't a board which is special in some way, compared to other good socket 7 boards, and because of that will gain value, I guess I'm gonna sell it at some point. I was never a big fan of soyo boards. nearly all soyo boards I had, had some …

Soyo 5TE2 any good?

Hi! I recently acquired a "new" Pentium 1/Socket 7 system, which came in a really nice AT case including a 5,25" floppy drive for around 30€. Inside was a Soyo 5TE2, now I have a buttload of good and excellent Socket 7 and Super Socket 7 boards (Tyan, Asus P5A(-B), P/I-XP55T2P4, GA-586HX, GA-586ATS …

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