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Re: S3 Trio64 reference schematics

Although this is not direct answer to your question, there are schematics available for Cirrus Logic Alpine family (CL-GD5430, 5434, 5436 and 5440). They can be built for ISA (5434 only), VLB, or PCI. Definitely an upgrade over the Trident TVGA9000. You can find it here: http://www.vgamuseum.info/ …

Re: Fast performance of DOS games on PIII

in DOS
Hi, this is my first post :) Can anyone help me, because I put the DOS system for old games on the PIII 750. It turned out that the parameters of the computer make the games run too fast. Can it be delayed somehow? PIII 750 processor, P6VAP-A + motherboard, RAM memory, selectable from 16MB, 32MB, …

Re: Use of USB scanner on older PCs.

in Milliways
Your old scanner is probably still supported by linux. http://www.sane-project.org/sane-mfgs.html Try to install modern linux (on current PC) in VirtualBox with USB passthrough. Your scanner will be detected and very likely you'll be able to use Xsane applicattion with it (or Simple Scan, or …

Re: Strange config.sys menu/menuitem issue

So far, I always used dos menus this way: [menu] menuitem=label1,description bla bla bla menuitem=label2,another description huh menudefault=label1,10 [label1] some device drivers etc.. [label2] another device drivers... Works like a charm :) With commas separating label from description it looks …

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