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Re: Pentium 4 and Yamaha YMF724

Is this card is good for Windows 98 SE dos gaming PC ? No SBLINK on motherboard Asrock p4i65g . For me it's working great in DOS. Motherboard: Abit IS7 (Intel 865PE), CPU: Pentium 4 2800Mhz Norhwood (FSB 800), soundcard: Generic Yamaha724 PCI Only game I cannot get to work is Pinball Illusion, and …

Re: Good emulators in DOS

What system I can emulate on 486dx2 - Pentium 100 Machine in pure DOS? Are any emulators worth installing, for smooth emulation? (Joystick, sound, framerate) Gameboy maybe? NEs? C64? ZX? For C64 look for C64s emulator. For ZX Spectrum try X128. If I remember correctly they're playable on Cyrix 5x86 …

Re: Volume control in Heroes of Might and Magic II

I don't know how to set volume on a per-program basis in Xfce, but I know where to ask. As far as using mixer, I already have an [autoexec] section in the .conf file that sets everything up and runs the program, provided that it's a Dosbox command. And, I run that from a shell script, so I can put …

Re: Ultimate 3DMark99 Benchmark Comparison

This might be kind of a silly question, but for some reason when I try to run 3DMark99 on my WinXP machine it does not want to boot. Does it need Win98SE or an updated service pack for XPÉ The computer in question is a P4 3.06HT 533 FSB with 1 gig RAM and an NVidia 5800 Ultra with XP pro service …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

The download link of Y7x4Util10.lzh on waybackmachine dont work and I've spent the night to search for that file with no succes :depressed:. I would very much like to get the FM midi part of the card in windows98. I understand you have that file, do you? Maybe an japanese ftp search of archive …

Re: file transfers from Windows 7/10 to Windows 98

in PC Emulation
I've set up ftp server on my Windows 7 Box (Filezilla). Download speed from this server to Windows 98 machine (Pentium 3 550Mhz, 3Com SOHO NIC, Total Commander ftp client) is about 7MB/s. Is DMA transfer for HDD turned on ? I've noticed big differences in transfer after turning on DMA.

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