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Re: Effect of ELCR set on the IRQ lines and 8259 PIC?

I believe that's an erratum in the Intel PIIX/PIIX3 datasheet - I believe the specification update says it should be active high instead. So the effect is the same as setting the edge/level setting of the PIC (which does not work on the PIIX* precisely because the ELCR is meant to be used instead), …

Re: Ensoniq / Creative AudioPCI

I have a question - how does the MIDI UART FIFO work on this? The datasheet is very unclear on this. There's 8 bytes of FIFO, but are all 8 bytes used for TX and RX together, are there 4 bytes for TX + 4 bytes for RX, or what's going on?

Re: 86Box increase speed

You just need to go to Settings and choose an emulated machine that's ACPI-capable. On PCem, that's going to be that lonely Gigabyte with 440BX and the one VIA Super Socket 7 machine, but on 86Box, you have a wider selection of machines with ACPI, including for Pentium, eg. the NuPro with 430TX.

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