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VCF West XII Talk - Tim Patterson on the creation of QDOS

in Milliways
I missed this talk last year, but VCF just posted it on youtube. Very interesting. It starts out with alot of talk about the early days and S-100 machines. Around the 28:00 mark, Tim starts talking about how QDos came to be. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Qh0O3Dt10&t=1228s

GUS PNP No Music

Hello, I'm a n00b with the GUS, I set it up in dos and im trying to play games like Duke3d and Doom2. The digital sound portion works correctly but I am not getting any music. I downloaded the latested GUS drivers for DOS from Vogons and set it up sucessfully but not sure if I am missing anything …

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