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Re: Might & Magic III audio issues

Having everything mixed inside the soundcard helps on keeping the machine footprint small. I have so many machines already that every square foot of desktop is precious. The weird things is that it does it in DOSBox as well with the GOG.com version. If there is a way to hard change the default mixer …

Might & Magic III audio issues

Sorry to bother everyone here. I did a search of the forums looking for information pertaining to my issue as I cannot be the only person with this issue, but for some reason Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra is not working right. I tried the CD-ROM collection version I have and the GOG.com version …

Re: MPU-401 emulation in Windows 8.1

With an X-midi 1x1 USB adapter I can output to a real Sound Canvas SC55-mkII and a Roland CM-64 perfectly fine. As a matter of fact it seems that the SC-55 sounds better like it receives settings for reverb and chorus better on the USB adapter than on my MPU-IPC-T card in my classic desktop. As long …

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