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Re: Working Windows 98 Emulator with 3D-Acceleration?

in PC Emulation
I think for 3d in XP inside Virtualbox you need the Guest Addons installed. It works, for example i use XP in a VM and Play Need for Speed 2 SE with Nglide or Dgvoodoo. But the best Solution for old Games is to find a Patch to run it on Win7/10/..... PCem / 86box is the most Compatible Emulator... …

Re: How do I make my own boot CD?

With my first CD Write i had a Programm called "Boot CD 1.0". It has a tool DSKIMG (Diskimage) to create image of Floppys and HDD. Then a Editor where you can ad 10 of those image in a Menue and then select which floppy or Hdd you want to boot.

Re: WinXP Boot.ini and dos 6.22

I think it should work with Dos 7 (from win98se). I installed it on the 3rd Partition on my Pc. Partition 1 is WinXP (NTFS) Partition 2 is Ubuntu (ext) Partition 3 is Win98/Dos 7 (Fat32) Partition 4 is Swap Then i extracted the Bootsector from a Win98 boot disk (floppy) and added it to boot.ini. …

Re: PCem or DOSBox for Windows 98?

in PC Emulation
PCem is more compatible. But slow. (You can also test 86box which has some more features.) There you can choose to emulate a Voodoo 1 or Voodoo 2 Add-on card. Dosbox is very experimental, not stable and unsupported. It depends on the Game what you use. Best way to play is searching a patch to run …

Re: DOSbox-X Windows major problem - Please help!!!

in Windows
I never had luck with with installing win9x in Dosbox-x.. Dosbox-x closes itself when trying to boot win9x. I use an old version of Daum for that. But what i can say is, old Windows Versions (before Win95 C) work more stable. And do not install the IE 5.5 Update, cause it makes the sysem unstable …

Re: Win3x memory error

I had a Problem with a Game on My Dos6.22 machine, ist says it has to less Memory to Run.. (48 MB) installed. But mem /c /p only shows around 23 MB Ram installed. I've tried different things and at least i used the himem.sys from the win95c installation in my dos6.22 install.. and then mem /c /p …

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