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Re: Daggerfall on Raspberry PI3

I'd give up on this as the Pi3 doesn't have enough juice to give the cycles Daggerfall wants (which would be something like 60000-230000 AT LEAST). and considering there is no dynarec on the Dosbox for Pi.... I have not tried daggerfall so im not sure of how well it will hold up but if you compile …

Re: Hardware MIDI module with SF2 support?

no bassmidi but you can happily install fluidsynth on a Pi though and run it as a server, its in the default repositories and so is as easy as "sudo apt-get install fluidsynth" at the command line also with the new audio driver the default analog audio out of the pi is muuuuuuch better than it used …


in addition to the Dos TSR a dosbox patch that would pass the data through would mean the ability to get non emulated adlib on very new machines. If I'm not mistaken, very new machines don't seem to have parallel ports anymore. I guess "very" is a relative term :p Certainly there is a crossover of …

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