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Re: Perception of speed

Amen. We need a DOSBox benchmark thread for non-x86 systems such as the Pi. DOSBox used to run at little more than bare 8088 speed on my 1st gen Pi. Haven't tried it on the newer ones. There should be ways to optimize DOSBox for Pi, though. dosbox on a properly optimised/overclocked pi3 compiled to …

Re: Best PCI VGA for a K6-III+

The last card i ran on my k63+ back in the day was an 8500le. It was definitely better in every way than the voodoo 3 2000 pci and the geforce 2 mx i had before then. mine was an AGP card but im sure you could get the 9100 which was a rebadged 8500le in pci still have all the video cards, cpu and …

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