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Re: Your Mothership PC Components

I'm just now getting back into retro PCs, so this will be a good memory exercise for me. I grew up with an original IBM 5150 (4.77 MHz 8088) and various AT clones until I went to college. What's interesting is where I lost interest in gaming. I switched from a Radeon Pro 9500 to a Radeon 9600 for …

Any Reason to Use MS-DOS 6.0 or Higher?

in DOS
I'm starting a new build and was wondering whether there's any need to go above MS-DOS 5.0. It seems as though 6.0, 6.2, and 6.22 just use more memory and add now-useless features such as disk compression. Is Scandisk any better than Chkdsk? Are there any games that require anything above 5.0?

Re: Maximum PC Back Issues on Google Books

I discovered that Google Books also has many old issues of PC Magazine. It isn't included in the list of magazines as Maximum PC is, but you can use the advanced search function to find it. You'll just need to search for a specific term and include "pc magazine" in the title box. I was reading an …

Maximum PC Back Issues on Google Books

This may be old news to some, but I just discovered that Google Books archives back issues of Maximum PC, from 1998 (when it changed names from boot) through 2008. The Maximum PC website only archives the past several years. Even better is that you can search these issues for keywords. I owned most …

Re: Bizarre Issue With Tyrian and Jazz Jackrabbit On My DOS Machine

in DOS
Hi. First post here and a bump for an unresolved issue, it seems. I have the exact same problem with those two games. I tried TPPATCH and CTBPPAT to no avail as well as MoSlo. The Jazz Jackrabbit CD comes with shareware versions of Tyrian, One Must Fall, and Epic Pinball. The weird thing is that the …

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