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Re: AGP & SE440BX-2 & D815EEA

I think my SE440BX-2 may be just a little picky about its AGP cards, which is weird given its reputation for stability. It's possible the caps are failing, I guess. I pulled out my Socket A box, which has a real reputation for flakiness because of the VIA Apollo KT133 chipset, and it handled ALL of …

AGP & SE440BX-2 & D815EEA

My go-to test bench has always been an Intel SE440BX-2 with a 550MHz P3 Slot 1 Katmai. Lately, I have had some issues testing bog-standard AGP cards like the Riva 128 and TNT. I get the series of beeps (one long, three short, I think) and no video. Other cards work fine, like Geforce 2 MX and Voodoo …

Re: Roland Sound Canvas Prices

You might keep an eye out for a wavetable card or daughterboard with the Crystal CS4112 ROM set. Supposedly, this set consists of "stolen" Roland samples compressed into a 1MB ROM. It's pretty good when you can find it on a card for $50.

Re: My Wavetable Sample Thread

This thread is a lot of fun! Thanks for all the work here. Some of these cards sound god-awful, but some sound surprisingly good! Thanks! It's a lot of fun to put together, and the god-awful synths are a big part of that fun, believe it or not. I would say that one key takeaway is that any card …

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