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Re: Windows 95 full chip requirements?

in PC Emulation
Scali wrote: Edit: Come to think of it, it's not THAT theoretical: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Inboard_386 I wonder if anyone ever tried to run Win95 on that 😀 Theoretically, it should be possible but, only if you have the minimum required 4 MB of RAM installed.

Re: End of the line

in Milliways
I understand why you would want to part with most of these cards. I've also been collecting PC parts (cases, motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards, etc.) to a point where most of these are packed away in boxes. At first I started out just building up one or two nice retro PCs for myself but, …

Re: Windows 95 full chip requirements?

in PC Emulation
I would recommend at least a 486DX-33 or higher. Installing on a 386DX, as stated in earlier posts, is going to be very slow and is actually not optimal for any productive use. Also, although 4 MB RAM is the absolute stated minimum, Windows 95 will (in some cases) refuse to boot if you install any …

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