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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

i've done it but it doesn't work, dosbox keeps creating a conf in appdata and doesn't use the one in the folder... That's what the -userconf parameter should do except that the -conf parameter should load the second conf-file. Without knowing exactly what you've done, what's in your conf-file(s) …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

i'm just trying dosbox ece but this thing puts the conf file in appdata, how can i do to have it in the same folder than dosbox? Rename the conf to dosbox.conf and dosbox will automatically use it when it's in the same folder with the exe. because i like to have all my games in different folders …

Re: Trying to get Redguard to run

derSammler wrote: since the game requires Windows 95 minimum Nope, there's a DOS executable as well rg.exe => DOS rgfx.exe => DOS Glide redguard.exe => windows 9x Although, IIRC the game installer is Win9x only so it kind of requires Win9x. But you can install/extract the files on a Windows PC and …

Re: VIDEO CARD Custom S3 Trio Patch (DOSBOX)

First you checkout the DOSBox source. Then on Linux you'd do something like this: patch -p0 < custom-vga-s3.patch On Windows you could use TortoiseSVN GUI -> apply patch. This patch was created in 2013 so it probably won't apply to the current SVN source. You can try solving conflicts manually or …

Re: DOSBox ECE with Glide

Copy code to clipboard 1 OpenGLide is a Glide to OpenGL wrapper. It emulates a Voodoo board so you can run old Windows Glide games by translating Glide calls into OpenGL. No, you don't need OpenGlide with ECE. Use the ovl-file that comes with the game: Re: DOSBox ECE (Windows, Linux)

Re: Loading Doom WADS

dr_st wrote: Yes, but please don't use spaces in directory names if you intend to use them for DOSBox and DOS games/applications. Also, everything under "C:\Program Files" is write protected (you need administrator privileges to create/modify/delete files/folders).

Re: The shell command??

You only need to set the path variables to make the compiler work, the config.sys stuff is unnecessary in DOSBox. Copy code to clipboard 1 set PATH=Z:\;C:\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH% 2 set DJGPP=C:\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV

Re: speed up the cpu

In DOSBox: Ctrl+F1 => opens DOSBox keymapper Ctrl+F11 => decreases CPU cycles Ctrl+F12 => increases CPU cycles You can modify all of those keyboard mappings in the keymapper.

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