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Re: FX5700 Supposed to do bad in 3DMark?

I have a Radeon 9250, but I am also considering some DOS support too. I can re-bench with it later today if you want, Phil. I don't really intend to run DX8 games (still haven't broken the shrinkwrap on my AquaNox jewelcase), that I can rebuild my AMD system with a Barton 2800+ and the FX for that. …

Re: FX5700 Supposed to do bad in 3DMark?

The main problem with 5700 is you can't use driver 45.23 or 44.03 which are often the best drivers for Direct3D 7 and older games. With a 5200/5600/5800/5900 you can use those older drivers. 5700 came out later. The 45.23 are also my go-to drivers. Older drivers on certain cards can be even faster, …

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