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Re: Setting up 2 x Voodoo2 cards in SLI

Let's change the tone a bit, it's way too harsh. There are always different views and things to learn and hearing different perspectives should be encouraged, clarified and discussed without taking it personal. In the end, just agree to disagree and everyone can make up their own mind.

Re: Underrated PCI 3D Accelerators

Actually I have a GeforceFX 5200 PCI and similar issues that the screen stays black in older systems. Though I can't pin point the cause exactly. But then I can still use this card: Underrated PCI 3D Accelerator True. One viewer mentioned that not all cards are doing this. So hopefully I can get a …

Re: Underrated PCI 3D Accelerators

Arctic wrote: According to one of Phil's YT videos, the Geforce 5500 PCI wouldn't work in a PCI only system 🙁 It might just be this particular model that I'm using. I just wanted to ensure nobody buys that particular model (lots of them on eBay) and then it doesn't work.

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