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Re: My Wavetable Sample Thread

Would anyone be interested in recordings from a Thinkpad 755 - pentium 75 equipped with IBM's infamous Mwave sound/modem DSP card https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Mwave ? I have a working one, but DOS/Win3.1 only. It uses for MIDI synthesis a (roughly) 8MB patch set of .wav files. Which games …

Re: S3 Trio - 1024X768 256 color only?

Putas wrote: dionb wrote: Nit-picking: it's an S3 Trio, not a 968 or Virge/VX, so it'll have DRAM, not VRAM. Nit-picking 2: Coloqially VRAM is used as an abbreviation for video ram. Nit-picking 3: Formally VRAM is the officially abbreviation for video ram, the memory used on 964, 968 and Virge/VX 😉 …

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