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Re: Any dos game manager's out there?

in Milliways
Direct Access was loaded on an old 386 drive I had. It was a nice little DOS based program for launching programs. I have the 5.19 version but haven't tried to load it on anything yet. Think it was the 2.0 version on the 386.

Re: my Pro W95wUSB rebuild

Thanks for the comments. @Darkman - I dont own any of the "high end" cards like that. I just get what I get and make it work. lol @ feipoa & F2bnp - I like that case as well, just wish it had more of a cable management area. I hate the cable clutter now since I've been building in the newer cases. I …

my Pro W95wUSB rebuild

Greetings all, Been away from the hardware awhile so I figured I'd upload a project that i finished. Enjoy !! Case parts.JPG Case partial.JPG Internal.JPG Pro logo.JPG Finished Pro.JPG It's a Dell Dimensions XPS 180n. CPU changed from a 180 Pro to a 200 Pro Maxtor 6GB Drive (3 2gb Partitions) 64MB …

Re: Post your 'current' PC

NZXT 810 Switch.. great case and I doubt I will get rid of it anytime soon. I added a full water loop to it but I fried the old vid card, Radeon 4870x2, with a bit too much electrical boost and since removed it. It will go in again after I plan my next upgrade to a X97 platform.

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