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Re: Cost of living strikes!!!!

A good idea. We anyway will not change something with such a discussion. If you have a balkony its maybe a good idea to lower your electric bill by buying some solarpanels and a small inverter. It certainly doesn't make you self-sufficient, but it does reduce the bill. If they can only cover the …

Re: Cost of living strikes!!!!

Well they just did what industry demanded, cheap energy. So you see, lobbyism works great in germany. Now amercia got what they wanted, selling their ultra expensive fracking gas to germany. Export Enviromental Damage, Wash your country green. Democracy in Germany means that you end up with …

Re: Cost of living strikes!!!!

Our new government isn't as backwards as the old one, so there will probably be benefits for investing in solar energy and heat pumps in the future, but it will take time to get the whole country supplied with that. Until then times will be hard. I've started to save the money I can spare to pay my …

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