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I was wondering: instead of hard-coding it, how hard would it be to make the I/O base port dynamic in some (or all?) of these patches? Perhaps by obtaining it from the BIOS Data Area (which would be 0040h:0008h for LPT1)? That would allow it to work, regardless of whether LPT1 is located at 0x3BC …

Re: Recommended 2D/3D card for a 233MMX PC

@gmbl256 well seems we have misunderstood both a bit, i`m not native english speaker :-) I can play heroes 3 on riva128 4Mb and elsa gloria 8Mb (Permedia 2) on Pentium 233mmx with no problems during scrolling. It also can depend on the motherboard and its troughput, i also would recommend to review …

Re: Recommended 2D/3D card for a 233MMX PC

Misinformation pff https://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article608.asp In the 90s DirectDraw 2D games in fullscreen mode commonly used 8-bit and/or 16-bit color depth, leaving room for page flipping and surfaces for a 2MB cards especially in resolutions up to 640x480. Stuck to 640x480 is pain …

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