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Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Just dropped in to contribute my similar experiences in GODS while running distribution-specific packages of Dosbox in both latest Arch Linux and Mint 19.3. The spartan becomes unresponsive while a directional movement key is being pressed. I needed to release and press the key again. EDIT : …

Re: Running BAT from autoexec.bat

CALL that Bat, is easy to remember. Yes, it's the CALL command to run an external BATCH file and returns back to the caller. ---***--- call liveinit.bat ---***--- Or you can also "pass" the responsibility to the liveinit.bat file, by placing the "call liveinit.bat" statement at the end of the …

Re: Running DOS on modern hardware is impossible

in DOS
twiz11 , Maybe you should do your research before starting threads with misleading and obviously wrong titles. Tip: if you want to use the thread itself for a discussion where you would learn such things, it is better to phrase the title as a question rather than a rather bold statement. ;) Agree …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
Honestly saying, I liked the older design...maybe because I got used to it for the past 15 years. But I also feel this new design is also good. I tried reverting back to "old skool" theme, but the purple looks too bright and the font color is not the same, so I reverted back to normal theme. One …

Re: Any others given up on the hobby?

in Milliways
Though my activity here have reduced substantially, my interest in classic computing remains the same. My bedroom is still surrounded by shelves lining the classic game boxes. After the advent of 86Box with more stable releases now, I have been "tinkering" with it instead. It's like playing around …

Re: Win X

in Milliways
If Linux was any easier to use, rather than reaching for the nose through the back of the head for every solution you are trying to make for the unnecessary problems, people would have abandoned Windows ecosystem long ago. Windows is still the easiest platform for the end-users. Programs just need …

Re: I am a father

in Milliways
Congratulations (ucapan tahniah dan salam sejahtera) Kreshna and family! Long time didn't visit vogons, so missed this.

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