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Re: Voodoo graphics mod 4 to 8mb

in Marvin \ Video
While adding more texture memory certainly has some benefit, I doubt that adding more frame buffer memory will help in any significant way. There is a comparison between 4 6 and 8 MB versions on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmmSBFVeF3I The difference in performance is very small, but …

Re: Half-Life Alyx

in Milliways
I remain cautiously optimistic. So far I haven't seen a serious reason to get into VR, maybe this will be the thing. Maybe.

Re: Bought these games today

in Milliways
This week I discovered that Rise of Nations is a thing. It seems to fill in a space between Civ and Age of Empires for me quite nicely! I can just about defeat the AI on "Easiest" mode but I get annhilated on "Easy" mode. Also, whenever I declare war on anyone, everyone else then declares war on me …

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