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Re: Bizarre Issue With Tyrian and Jazz Jackrabbit On My DOS Machine

in DOS
I know this is a old topic, but since I've been surprised by the same problem on one of my old machines I investigated it and found out that Tyrian/Tyrian 2000 seems to have this behavior when you hame EMM386 with NOEMS in your config.sys. Interesting and thank you for sharing. :) No less …

Re: SS7 cpu choice.

I have a similar setup with a Super Socket 7 board. The CPU it came with is a K6-2, which may originally have been rated 450MHz or 475MHz, but it runs at 100*5=500MHz rock solid at the stock 2.2V voltage. It wouldn't do 550MHz at 2.2V (it would POST fine, but most of the time lock up in the middle …

Re: XP Rig ahead!

I'd say that would be because of the HDD's RPMs,but it also depends on RAM and CPU. No, it wouldn't. Not in that particular example, at least. RAM has nothing to do with it, unless you have so little of it that you are already running out before the OS finished booting. CPU speed and hard drive RPM …

Re: XP Rig ahead!

Well, it may run smooth enough (depending on the tasks it performs), but boot time is one of the worst benchmarks for performance. It depends very little on raw PC performance, and much more on your exact configuration, and what HW/SW you have installed ,including things that interact with other …

Re: Games completely outshined by their sequels

in Milliways
Putas wrote: I also did not like HoMM3 that much, but for different reason. The shift in style did not work for me, I prefer more fairy tale like artwork of prequels, the 256 color palette is awesome. That too. It's possible that subconsciously it also affected my opinion of HoMM3.

Re: Best Doom ports for dos

in DOS
For a 486, you'd do well to go with a patched up version of vanilla Doom with expanded limits and greater stability: Doom+ You know, I thought about this, and the thing is that any scene that could benefit from such a patch, because it exceeds the original limits, will probably be way too slow for …

Re: Mortal Kombat 3 Sound and Moves in Dosbox

My setting is cycles=max. You need to be close to the enemy to perform this finish. Which means you have to start holding LP while away from the enemy, move closer, then press F-D-D-F, and release. I input the sequence pretty fast, but not blazing fast. One thing I can think of is that if you press …

Re: Mortal Kombat 3 Sound and Moves in Dosbox

Interesting, is it setting-dependent? I just tried DOSBOX 0.74 and could successfully perform Kano's fatality (Hold LP - F-D-D-F - Release LP) 3 times in a row without any issues. I wasn't pressing the keys particularly slow either. It's a standard USB keyboard, not wireless. SB16 music works as …

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