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Re: GUS Max Stereo?

Did you give it the ole' wiggle? Perhaps the speaker output has been used and abused. Ultrinit -dj = Disable Joystick I believe. If the right channel really gives you nothing and mixer settings are ok, perhaps it's an op-amp. Does using WIndows Sound System give you both channels btw?

Re: List of rarest PC soundcards

Why only PCM20? As for me - all miro sound is quite rare, especial miro fm and miro pcm12 (or 10?). There are two Miro PCM10's on eBay right now, from Germany. I've seen Miro come up quite often on eBay when looking for soundcards, but it's always from Germany. They must have some secret stash of …

Re: List of rarest PC soundcards

The Synergy Vipermax might be a bit more rare than the GUS Extreme, I'm only aware of a handful of those. I always think, that Synergy Vipermax and GUS Extreme is same board, differ only with logo and box. Is this true? I think so. My GUS Extreme had Synergy Vipermax silkscreened on the PCB, but …

Re: List of rarest PC soundcards

I really don't understand why Gravis Ultrasound Extreme's are so rare now. Dixons Holland sold loads of them, even after DirectX took off and such cards weren't attractive anymore. I believe for 69 gulden. They just vanished somehow. Had one too. Wish I kept it, could have paid my mortgage with that …

Re: List of rarest PC soundcards

Got one for you http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=43661&p=426022&hilit=Gus#p426022 There are 2 cards of this that i know. One i still own, one i traded. Are you the guy who also posted the clones on the Pouet BBS? Because one of the clones looks like it was made by the same factory as …

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