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Re: Area 5150: New IBM PC+CGA demo

ViTi95 wrote on 2022-08-22, 08:23: Well right now FastDoom supports the 160x100 CGA 16 color mode, and it's pretty fast Hi there, when i tried fdoomc16 on newly made CGA (CGA Redux) i got a lot of "cga snow" unfortunately... Sorry for offtopic Spoiler Filename photo_2022-08-21_22-17-38.jpg File …

Re: DxDiag - illegal operation

Not at all! BTW, the same method worked with some other 3D applications on 80486, for ex Final Reality demo/benchmark - app crashes on library RLMFC.DLL, so if you replace 0x0f 0x31 bytes to 0x90 0x90 in RLCMFC.DLL Final Reality start okay, excluding CPU frequency info.

Re: DxDiag - illegal operation

Chadti99 wrote on 2022-02-13, 13:19: Any chance you could share your modified file? No, sorry, i'm not sure that I will not violate the Microsoft license agreement or forum rules. You can use any hex editor to replace all 0x0f 0x31 bytes to 0x90 0x90 bytes in DXDIAG.EXE file.

Re: DxDiag - illegal operation

I encountered similar DXDIAG behavior when i run it on 486 computer. In my case, CS:EIP points to this code: https://habrastorage.org/webt/f6/au/vw/f6auvwurrfjd1qrzbj6hlae1cfw.png From which it follows that everything stops at instruction RDTSC, which is not supported by the 486 processor. However, …

Re: FastDoom. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

Hi, Does mode 80x50 have no mistake here? textdestscreen += 4128; #if defined(MODE_T8050) || defined(MODE_T80100) // Change video page regs.h.ah = 0x05; regs.h.al = textpage; regs.h.bh = 0x00; regs.h.bl = 0x00; int386(0x10, ®s, ®s); textdestscreen += 4096; //4128 textpage++; if (textpage == 3) …

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