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Re: Guess the game!!

that's still in England. :P Yeah, the edge of field; not even a building or a road around. LIke, did a dev have a treehouse out there? The mind boggles. Maybe it's just unused stuff that was left on the files? Most Sonic games on the Mega Drive have level "blocks" outside playfield/bounds that can …

Re: Types of games that age well

Most real-time strategy games still look good (even though DOS didn't have a lot of those). C&C, Dune, Warcraft 2, Constructor still look fine for me. Some advanced 3D games for the hardware they ran, like Mechwarrior 2 and Twinsen's Odyssey are still pretty good too. Platformers on computers are …

Re: Food - Recipe handouts

When I reunite with friends to game we almost always go hotdogs and/or pizza. Can't go wrong with them, quick to prepare and eat. I'll leave the hotdog recipe I use: 8 hotdogs 2 tomatoes, seeds removed and cut into 2-3cm cubes 1 big onion, cut into small pieces 1 bell pepper, green, seeds removed …

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