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Re: Dark Seed 2 will not play cut scenes.

Sure, here it is: WIN311.conf Though I'm pretty sure the resolution change had more to do with the game working than the actual config. Did you set your Windows 3.1 to 640x480 and 256 colors? Yes, i have set S3 864 1.41B5 640x480 256 colors in display settings. Still no luck with your config, maybe …

Re: Dark Seed 2 will not play cut scenes.

I installed the game in my Win 3.11 DosBox just yesterday and noticed the stuttering as well. After changing the resoltution of Windows 3.11 to the desired 640x480 8Bit and disabling all the sound hardware not needed for Darkseed 2 (Speaker, Tandy, Disney, GUS) in the .conf-file, the audio now …

Re: Xeen and Roland synths

So the way its meant to be played (if you can't use real soundcard) in dosbox is to use virtual sound canvas? Or some soundfont (which?) for bassmidi? Or even cm-32l emulation through munt?

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