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Re: Fasttracker 2.10b for MS-DOS

Hello, 8bitbubsy . Thank you for release. Сould you check please Stereo covox (LPT1+LPT2) output bug, i describe there: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=63094 I'll have a quick look in the sources to see if there's anything obvious which makes it hang, but I'm afraid that I can't help …

Fasttracker 2.10 & 2.11 for MS-DOS

I'm making an updated version of FT2 for MS-DOS, having fixed a ton of bugs. It's based on the FT2.09 code. Download: https://16-bits.org/other.php Here's a list of the changes from 2.09 so far: Changes in v2.10: Removed broken GUS InterWave support, fixes GUS problems Scrollbars are now less …

Re: Ebay thread goodbye thread

in Milliways
Sad to see a popular and much loved thread end like this. Are you sure this was the best way to end the drama? Closing an active thread should be the absolute last resort, I feel sorry for the innocent people that were active in it... 😢

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Texas Instruments TravelMate 4000M laptop from around 1994-1995 - Intel 486DX4 100MHz - MediaVision Jazz16 16-bit sound card w/ OPL3, SB Pro emulation, MIDI out (tiny connector) and built-in speaker - 2x PCMCIA slots driven by a Cirrus Logic PD6720 chip - Active matrix 640x480 64K 10.4" screen - …

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