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Re: Mechwarrior 2 scratched disc

in DOS
Depending on where you live most larger cities have at least one or two places that will resurface CDs, DVDs, etc. I do it all the time and it usually is cheaper than $3 a disc. The one I go to in the Seattle area does a first pass of stripping a very thin layer off and if the scratch is really bad …

Re: Mmmm... CGA still lives in spirit via HTML5

in Milliways
It's cool and mysterious. I like twine games. They bring the adventure game genre to a newer, younger audience. Also it reminds me when I programmed an adventure game on my TI-80 calculator. Good times. I hope twine is easier to use though! :D Personally I found the Empathy Star at the beginning …

Re: Dethkarz on Windows 7

in Windows
There might be a bit of a misunderstanding here since my problem wasn't performance, it was resolution. Still though, nGlide did turn out to be the fix. When I forced high resolutions with zeckensack's Glide wrapper, I could only choose 640x480 since only that one, after upscaling, added up to …

Re: CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX (Commited r3804)

Not to get too off topic, but I found this CGA demo very impressive and was wondering what "mode" this is running in? It does not look like a composite demo, too clean for that. It doesn't look like the 160x100 "graphics" text mode, but maybe it is. Either way, if I had seen this back in the early …

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