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Re: CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX (Commited r3804)

Not to get too off topic, but I found this CGA demo very impressive and was wondering what "mode" this is running in? It does not look like a composite demo, too clean for that. It doesn't look like the 160x100 "graphics" text mode, but maybe it is. Either way, if I had seen this back in the early …

Re: CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX (Commited r3804)

The game still seems to be in 640x200 composite mode, so all colors are entirely determined by the particular black and white pixel patterns that the game uses. There is little that the emulation can do about that --- if one modified the pixel clock delay to make that magenta look blue, everything …

Re: CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX (Commited r3804)

Patch for PCjr composite support, tested with... The Seven Cities of Gold Just noticed where light blue should be, magenta has taken its place. Is this the emulation or the way the PCjr machine type behaves? Wondering if that can be corrected somehow? If you look at my previous post of the harbor …

Re: CGA Composite Mode under DOSBOX (Commited r3804)

Just curious. I finally got my bootable img of Seven Cities Of Gold (original 1980s version and not the Commemorative Editon from 1993) working in DOSBox SVN r4000 in composite mode and it looks and plays great. I was wondering, though, if anything came of trying to run composite games in the PCjr …

Re: Scorcher

Wow! Thanks for the file. Yeah, I noticed both scordos.bin (config save file) and hiscores.bin were both writing properly, but the game was not reading those results. So you have resolved the mystery. I was never able to get the Windows 95 launcher working due to 32bit only issues and Windows 95 …

Re: Scorcher - Could someone help

in DOS
Nevermind. Apparently the high scores not recording in this game was a bug in the actual game and not an emulation thing from what I have read.

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