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Re: IBM PCjr Problem

With timed=true the joystick's "drift" is related to the cycle count - too low and it drifts to the left, too high and it goes right. Cycles=300 or so works for me. I know this thread is very old, but I have been pulling my hair out trying to use my joystick with the PCjr carts. This right here did …

Re: Scorcher - Could someone help

in DOS
Davros wrote: been a long time but i'm sure i played this under windows It had an alternate Windows 95 launcher, but it was a DOS game.

Scorcher - Could someone help

in DOS
Could someone with a real hardware DOS system install and play the DOS game Scorcher for me? I am trying to find out if the game Scorcher has a glitch in the game or it's DOSBox that is the issue. Basically run the first track and try to get into any of the high score lists and see if your high …

Re: Scorcher

By the way... I have had success getting the game settings to stick which is the scordos.bin file. When you initially install the game and then run it might throw scordos.bin and hiscores.bin into your c:\windows\temp directory. Delete those two files in that directory and run the game again and it …

Re: Scorcher

It all rotates around the two files the game creates, scordos.bin and hiscores.bin. The game also does not save your high scores even though it asks for your initials. I checked those files data via a text editor and it is definitely updating the files, but for some reason the game is not reading …

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